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 A wrestling match entertained the attendees of the Presidential Rally as the Secretary of Agriculture presents his speech.  "Of Thee I Sing" was full of these silly moments proving that the 1930's still has plenty of pizzazz.




Hello everybody. Welcome to another edition of Our View.  This week we will show pictures from Grove City College's presentation of "Of Thee I Sing" and scenes from 2006 Orchesis Concert.  We hope you enjoy the pictures.
Brian St. Aubin
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Chelsea Cordell
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Contestants competing for Miss White House and marriage to future President Wintergreen had no chance against the Southern belle and illegitimate relative of Napoleon, Diana Devereaux.


The Ambassador is alarmed at the fact that Diana Devereaux was cheated out of First Ladyship and his French guards continue to look lost in America.


Here is the musical's interpretation of Washington hard at work.


 The Supreme Court Judges, anchored by Josiah Hoffman, decided to allow Wintergreen to remain married to his love rather than to marry Diana Devereaux.



This A cappella quartet was the opening act for the Orchesis.  Their silk shirts and sleek songs were mesmerizing.


Kaitlin Frum choreographed Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" for the opening dance performed by the 2006 choreographers and Officers of Orchesis.


The MC's John Tiernan and Casey Antenucci had that certain chemistry and let the set up time fly by.



Peter Buckingham and Ashley Clark choreographed a dance to "I Ain't No Quitter" by Shania Twain.  All that country goodness made me want to go to Ghostriders!


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