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"Student View"
by Brittany Hayward
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

April 29 - May 14

Touring Choir performed at Recognition Convocation, setting quite the mood for the prestigious event.

Jordan Benis was honored as Senior Man of the Year, giving a most inspirational speech coming to Grove City as a transfer student and then getting very involved in Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortarboard, and the GCC theatre program.

Most groups on campus had a luncheon or some kind of get-together during Parent's Weekend where families and friends ate together and enjoyed one another's company.

With spring come engagements and with engagements come the traditional "creeking" experience.

All of a guy's friends get together and kidnap him, carry him down to Wolf Creek, and then carefully throw him in.

It's Official!

ABT held a balloon sale the final week of classes. Students personalized balloons and then an army of balloon delivery people tied them to students' doorknobs on Study Day.

The sale of balloons went to benefit two GCC students who will be doing full-time overseas missions next year- one with the Black Forest Academy in Germany and one at an orphanage in Guatemala.

Thanks for a great year! It was such a pleasure giving you a taste of my life. Thank you for all of your comments, questions, and emails!

Have a great summer!

Jade Price was named Senior Woman of the Year for her exceptional service and participation in the campus and community with Orientation Board, Alpha Beta Tau, Red Box Missions, and many other groups.

All Campus Sing got the whole campus packed into the arena to enjoy a fun time together.

The sisters of Alpha Beta Tau won first place in the sororities category for All Campus Sing.

Even the male groups performed singing and dancing routines to everything from 90's pop songs to tracks from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack.

Co-ed Intramural Volleyball finished up on study day of this semester. Some teams even made it 80's Day and sported decade-inspired clothing and hairstyles.

Teams bumped, set, and spiked their way through the play-offs!

I'm so happy you stopped by to take a look at the campus through a student's eyes. It's been a pleasure putting this page together for you. Sorry it took a little while to get a new one up. With Easter Break and the busyness of the semester, the schedule got a little funny. Enjoy these pictures and GCC's campus in the spring!


Brittany Hayward

I hope you’ve enjoyed your peek at “Student View” and I invite you to stop back next week for more of the Grove City experience through the eyes of a student!
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