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"Student View"
by Brittany Hayward
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

January 17 - February 5 

Wedding Bells are in the Air

Harbison Chapel is a popular spot for weddings and as I near graduation, more weddings seem to be popping up! What fun, though, as friends get together and "campus weddings" create beautiful memories.



Third Formals
The end of the rush process is upon us as sororities hold their last parties and girls make their final decisions. What wonderful friendships we've been building!




America: The Last Best Hope
Going to GCC means that we have some of the very best lectures possible! Just last week, Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan, spoke to the GCC community and provided a delightful evening full of stories and challenges. (On the lecturer note, this just in: our commencement speaker this year is none other than... Laura Bush! As a senior, I am so excited!)


You Know It's Winter When...

Snowmen have been popping up all over campus, as students take study breaks to play in the snow.


Life Advocates Bring Brian Kemper
With the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Brian Kemper came to speak to the students at GCC for chapel and an evening lecture. His inspiring testimony presented a challenge for students to take part in the pro-life movement.


Alpha Sigma presents: Kiva Cup
Casual sports are the life blood of GCC. The men of the housing group Alpha Sigma brought the Kiva Cup, a one-day indoor soccer tournament to benefit the nonprofit organization Kiva which provides small business loans to individuals in third world countries. 



The Time is Here!
Rush is finally over and pledge has started for both sororities and fraternities at GCC. So many fun activities and bonding time with the new actives. Below you'll see Table Pounding, the official start to pledge, where we cheer all the new girls in to the joys of sisterhood!




I'm so happy you stopped by to take a look at the campus through a student's eyes. It's been a pleasure putting this page together for you. I am so looking forward to this coming semester and all the fun it will bring!


Brittany Hayward

I hope you’ve enjoyed your peek at “Student View” and I invite you to stop back next week for more of the Grove City experience through the eyes of a student!
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