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"Student View"
by Amy Corman
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

September 16 - September 23

Concerts and Corn Hole and White Outs, Oh My!

Talain Rayne Concert
On Friday evening, the Christian Assistance Network (C.A.N.) hosted a FREE concert, featuring several student artists (Josh Thompson and his band, Julie Kucks, Westminster student Maggie Acker) and recording artist Talain Rayne. C.A.N. held the concert to share their vision for future student outreach in the surrounding Grove City community.

 concert1  concert2 concert5 concert3   concert6 concert7    concert9  concert10

Omicron Lawn
The Okies and Crons, two resident fraternities at Grove City, put together an afternoon of fun for the whole campus. The day consisted of corn hole, frisbee, volleyball, horseshoes, free food, and a "quality excuse to not do homework."

omicron1      omicron2  omicron5 omicron3 omicron6 omicron4

White Out
The Grove City College Wolverines took the field for an evening football game. Hundreds of students, alumni, and families filled the stadium to enjoy a competitive game against the Westminster Titans, followed by a beautiful display of fireworks. (more photos immediately to the right)

whiteout1 whiteout4whiteout2   whiteout6 whiteout5whiteout3 

This Week Marks the Kick-Off of Homecoming, 2011.

Blood Drive
The Central Blood Bank was welcomed to campus this week to host a blood drive. The turn-out was great, so thanks to all who donated! There were plenty of delicious sugary snacks to keep participants energized and comfortable.

blooddrive2  blooddrive1 

       Java Jam
One of campus's favorite Homecoming events is Java Jam - a time for students (and resident directors!) to showcase their musical talent. It is also a time for students to work on homework while enjoying the warm cafe atmosphere, complete with a waitressing staff.

 javajam  javajam2  javajam5 javajam3 javajam4  javajam6 javajam7javajam8

White Out...continued
This year, GCC fans had an added surprise when Willie the Wolverine, our mascot, removed his head to propose to his girlfriend, a member of the cheerleading team. Congratulations!

whiteout7  whiteout8

 whiteout9 whiteout10

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to documenting the 2011-2012 school year in photos, so be sure to drop by every week
for more of the Grove City experience through the eyes of a student!


Amy Corman

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