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"Student View"
by Amy Corman
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

September 23 - September 30

Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming Dance
After a week full of great Homecoming activities, the weekend started off with the long awaited and highly attended dance. The floors of the Breen Student Union were packed with students and friends getting their groove on to great music, and of course, there was lots of free food!

dance1  dance2

Homecoming Parade
A time for generations - past, present, and future - to come together as one Grove City community. The parade provides an opportunity for students of the past to reunite, for current students to celebrate Grove City, and for potential future students to experience a little Grove City pride. This year's float theme was "Board Games." The Greek life on campus had everything from Battleship to Hungry Hungry Hippos, from Clue to Mousetrap. They were very creative!

 parade1   parade3 parade4 parade5 parade7 parade9  parade6 parade8parade10 parade11parade13  parade14 parade15

Homecoming Quad Activities and Court
Between the parade on Saturday morning and the football game Saturday afternoon, alumni were given the chance to socialize. As people made their way through campus, they had the chance to visit boths hosted by popular clubs and the Greek Village, where all fraternities and sororities welcomed past members with open arms. During halftime of the football game, our Homecoming Court was announced, and last year's winners crowned this year's King and Queen - congrats Joel and Lindsey!


 court1 court2 court3 court4court5 court6 court7 court8 court9 court10 court11 court12

Now that Homecoming's over...

One Acts
This semester's One Acts will have you laughing, sympathizing, and feeling nervous and confused right along side the actors. Each skit is student directed, and they have obviously put in lots of time and effort to make these skits enjoyable for the audience.

Act One

oneacts4  oneacts1 oneacts2oneacts3 oneacts5  oneacts5

Act Two

 oneacts7 oneacts10oneacts8 oneacts9

Act Three

oneacts11 oneacts12oneacts13 oneacts14

Act Four

   oneacts16  oneacts17 oneacts18 oneacts19 oneacts15

Act Five

 oneacts20  oneacts21  oneacts22

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to documenting the 2011-2012 school year in photos, so be sure to drop by every week
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Amy Corman

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