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"Student View"
by Amy Corman
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

October 22 - October 28

Basketball Season is Here.

The Late Show
Hosted by SGA (The Student Government Association), both the men's and women's basketball team kicked off their seasons with some friendly competition and a pep rally, called The Late Show. Basketball players, young and old, beginners and experts, participated in shoot outs and Knock-Out.

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It's Halloween Weekend!

       Monster Mash
The men of Beta Sigma and the women of Theta Alpha Pi threw a haunting party, known as the Monster Mash, in spirit of Halloween just around the corner. The whole of campus was invited to dress up and enjoy some spooky snacks and mystical music. Everyone from Buzz Lightyear to Mary Poppins was seen dancing among the princesses and cowboys.

      monstermash2  monstermash3  monstermash1 monstermash4  monstermash5  monstermash6

Symphony Orchestra Concert
The Grove City Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra put on a wonderful fall show for the public, performing music ranging from Schubert to Tchaikovsky.

orchestra1    orchestra3 orchestra4   orchestra6  orchestra5 orchestra7  orchestra8

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