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"Student View"
by Amy Corman
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

November 28 - December 2

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!

Orchesis - I Love New York
Orchesis had a successful weekend of performances these last few days. I hope you had to chance to come out and see them perform live! For those of you who missed the show (or would just like to relive each of the dances), enjoy browsing through these photos!


birds 1 birds 3 birds 2

"Breathe Me"

breathe me 1 breathe me 3 breathe me 2

"Central Park"

central park 1 central park 2 central park 3

"Cry of the Celts"

cry of the celts 1 cry of the celts 3 cry of the celts 2

"Dhoom Machale"

dhoom 2 dhoom 1 dhoom 3

"Give a Little"

give 1 give 2 give 3

"King of New York"

king 1 king 2 king 3

"New Soul"

new soul 1 new soul 2 new soul 3


pinball 1 pinball 2 pinball 3


reach 1 reach 2 reach 3

"Rockette Christmas"

rockette 2 rockette 1 rockette 3

"September 11"

september 2 september 3 september 1


stomp 2 stomp 1 stomp 3

"We Speak No Americano"

speak 1 speak 3 speak 2

"We're in the Money"

money 1 money 3 money 2

"Were you There?"

there 2 there 1 there 3

Finale and MCs (Tyler Crumrine and Lindsey Hobson)

finale MCs

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to documenting the 2011-2012 school year in photos, so be sure to drop by every week
for more of the Grove City experience through the eyes of a student!


Amy Corman

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