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"Student View"
by Amy Corman
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

February 12 - February 24

Have a safe and restful Spring Recess!

Stonebridge Concerts (a Grove City College group that brings live music to campus) put together an entire day of bands in support of local music. The event was called Bridgefest and hosted nine area musicians. I had the opportunity to listen to the first two - Joel Ansett with Julie Kucks and Jordan Mart of Grove City College, and the band Asha, Dearest from Malone College. Students voted on their favorite performance, and the winner has the privilege of opening for the main concert of the semester.

Joel Ansett with Julie Kucks and Jordan Mart

bridgefest1 bridgefest4 bridgefest2 bridgefest3 bridgefest5

Asha, Dearest

bridgefest6 bridgefest7 bridgefest8 bridgefest9 bridgefest10

In this one-man-show, senior George Jaggers takes on the role of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. With the help of student director Ashley Herreid and advisor Professor Betsy Craig, George attempts to challenge your assumptions about government, personal responsibility, and the turmoil of current events. He brings to life the four years after the 1964 presidential election, in which Lyndon Johnson turned Bobby down as his vice-president candidate. George hopes that his audience will enjoy the show, as well as learn something new about an important period of history.

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