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"Student View"
by Amy Corman
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

April 10 - April 15

Only 3.5 Weeks of Class Left to Go!

Awarding Awesome Authors
Grove City's branch of Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) - an international honor society in education - held their annual Awarding Awesome Authors contest. The members of KDP read over 300 short stories submitted by local elementary school students, and chose 2 winners (some of which were children of GCC alums) from every entering classroom. At the awards ceremony, each winner was presented with a certificate and had the opportunity to share their story with other winners.

awesomeauthors1 awesomeauthors3 awesomeauthors4 awesomeauthors2

Touring Choir Spring Concert
The Grove City College Touring Choir put on a beautiful evening of music this past weekend. They performed pieces by well-known composers, such as Brahms and Handel. The Chapel was packed with a great audience!

touringchoir1 touringchoir2

TingaTinga Dance
Project Okello - a campus group focused on prayer and healing for Uganda - hosted the TingaTinga Dance. "TingaTinga" is Swahili for "bridge," and all proceeds from this dance go to support TingaTinga Capital - a non-profit organization offering microloans to Ugandans in order to help them start over after their lives have been shattered by injustice and poverty.

tingatinga3  tingatinga1 tingatinga2

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