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Lectures & Events - Fall 2016
(Want to access recordings from last semester?  See the Spring 2016 archives.)   

Date & Sponsor: Title: Link:
Center for Vision & Values
Mr. Michael Lasser, "America's Songs" Listen
Center for Vision & Values
American Founders Luncheon: Mr. Richard Brake, President, Institute for Family Studies, "Should the Electoral College be Abolished?" Watch
Center for Vision & Values
Freedom Readers: Dr. Mark Hendrickson, Adjunct Faculty Member, Grove City College, "Make America Great Again... for the poor" Watch
Center for Vision & Values
Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley, Vice President of Economic Initiatives, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics, "Why Socialism Sounds Cool, But Isn't" Watch
Center for Vision & Values and American Enterprise Institute Student Executive Council
Henry Olsen, American Politics Scholar, American Enterprise Institute, "What Donald Trump Means for the Future of the Republican Party" Listen
Center for Vision & Values
Colin Gunn, Documentary Filmmaker, "If You Think Healthcare is Unaffordable Now, Wait Til it's Free" Watch
Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Richard G. Staley '62 Visionary Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: Jake Loosarian '13, Co-founder and CEO of Gecko Robotics Inc., "Courage is Contagious" Watch
Center for Vision & Values
American Founders Luncheon: Mark David Hall, Herbert Hooever Distinguished Professor of Politics, George Fox University, "Roger Sherman and the Creation of the American Republic" Watch


Note: recordings are typically edited, produced and posted within several weeks after any given event takes place.  Please allow adequate turnaround time before inquiring into the status of such media.

Stay tuned for more lectures & events!


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