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2014-2015 Calendar

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Annual Event Descriptions

Pizza with the Profs

Pizza with the Profs

The first event of the year is a pizza party. This is a great opportunity to spend time with the physics professors and other members of the club outside of the academic environment. The location changes from year to year, but food, fun, and games are all around. This is an event you don't want to miss!

Tailgate Party

Homecoming Tailgate Party

Close to a two-decade tradition, the tailgate party is a time for alumni, undergraduates, and professors to reunite and enjoy the company of one another. You can find our tent at homecoming. Come and enjoy food and fun!



Rent-a-Student is the primary source of income for the Physics Club and also the reason there are no dues. Students volunteer a few hours of their time to rake leaves or other home chores in exchange for donations to the club. Besides getting the opportunity to meet members of the community and other club members, volunteers receive free admission to the All-Nighter!



If you love a tractor-pulled wagon on a brisk autumn night, then the Homecoming is a must. Between goofing off in the hay, eating S'mores cooked on a fire, and drinking some of Mr. Rice's homemade hot chocolate, you might find some time to take a peek at one or two of Jupiter's moons. There is always new excitement every year we go, so make sure you are there!

Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Dr. Wagner hosts the Physics Club for some Yuletide festivities. Starting at precisely 3:14:15pm, the afternoon consists of apple cider, Christmas carols, and crazy mad lib stories. Come and go as you please, but make sure to enjoy yourself!


Sledding Party

What better way to study kinematcis than by testing them out on a slick surface with friends? When there's a good snow, we get together and sled until we're chilled and ready to just get some hot coco by a fire.



The All-Nighter is the club's largest event of the year. We make ourselves liquid nitrogen ice cream, vacuum cannons, and explosions to boot. Pizza, movies, and games all night long!

Physics Day

Physics Day

For Physics Day, we invite younger students onto campus. Besides liquid nitrogen ice cream, the children also participate in in an egg drop competition, various labs, and an infared view of their world.

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