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Media Consoles

To start console:


1.    If using a laptop, plug it in using the one of the cable provided on the podium.  VGA or HDMI


2.    With your finger, touch the Crestron screen.  This will take you to the Home Page


Start up Screen


3.    On the home page, touch the "Projector" icon
(this will start system and take you to the source screen). 


Source Screen

4.    On the source screen, scroll with your finger till you see the icon you wish to use:  "Resident PC" / “Laptop” / "DVD"
Choose  the source by touching the  the icon

5.  To adjust volume: use the up and down arrows

6.  To shut down the system: touch the off button
The system will ask you you to confirm, choose yes
Note: The projector needs cool down for approximately 90 seconds before it can turned back on.)

  • To report any computer-related problems, call the Computer Services & Support Desk at 724-458-2255.

    To report any AV-related problems in the classrooms, call the Media Services support line at 724-450-4050


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