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So here's the team history of the Grove City College Women's Rugby Club.


Established: Fall of 2002

Why: the team was created for the women of Grove City College who believe in something bigger than themselves.

After the first season in the fall of 2002, Grove Rugby was unable to play due to lack of funds and experience until the Fall of 2003. Even then the team struggled against injuries, inexperience, and the Grove City administration.

In the Spring of 2004, the team still did not have enough players to field a whole side, so they played 11s against Geneva and Allegheny. The 2004 officers (Alison Davis, Allison Forney, Anne Laporte, Becky Donell, and Holly) worked very hard to earn the support of both Athletic Director Dr. Donald Lyle and GCC President Dr. Richard Jewell. After many meetings, Dr. Jewell gave permission for the Grove City Women's Rugby team to become an official club in 2004. This meant that the team would receive funding from the school and permission to use school property for practice and games.

During the Spring 2005 season, the women's rugby team traveled to Columbus, OH to play in their first big university tournament at Ohio State University. They held their own against Purdue University and Wright State University.

There are two gentlemen that should be recognized for their role in helping the women's team develop into the powerhouse it is today. Jon Wilkening '05 and Oak Moser '05 lent a great deal of time in training and coaching the women to become better rugby players during their time as Grove City College students.

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