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We love our awesome alumni. They helped found this team and took part in some amazing memories.

Last names forgotten due to multiple concussions. Sorry.

Claire Odom

Robin Pearson

Lindsey Berkstrom Tiffani Johnson

Lisa Pike


Courtney Youngbauer Mandy

Tara Gerber


Jan Bartholomew Rebecca
Lindi Berkey

Allison Forney (Stryker)

Melody Diehl Alison Davis (Bukowski)
Natasha Ivan

Selene Mays

Christine Anne LaPorte

Sarah Coffin

Danielle Becky Donell
Nikki Katrina Watterson
Erin Kelly Shara Warner
Lydia Chang ('07) Taylor Brown
Shelly Rollison ('07) Christine Weldon ('07)
Meredith Best ('07) Melissa Young (Winter '07)
Elle Molinari (Winter '07) Elle Speicher ('08)
Katie Norris ('08) Rachel Wagner ('08)
Hillary Klipp ('08) Brittany Pizor (Winter '08)
Brynna Slater (Winter '08)  








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