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What is rugby anyways?
Rugby is the MOST AMAZING SPORT EVER! The simplest but inaccurate way to describe this sport is saying that it's a combination of football and soccer. It's really not, but it's the closest you can get with out saying "rugby is rugby." The goal of each team is to score more tries (5 point "touchdowns") and conversion kicks than the other team. A lot goes on when each team is trying to get the most tries, so keep reading if you want to find out more.

Isn't rugby a manly sport?
NO...want us to beat you up for asking that question?  Ha, we're just kidding. It's not a manly sport, despite the fact that it looks violent.  You're going to compete against other women and rugby requires speed, agility and flexibility.  These things are valued in both genders.  You don't have to be manly to play rugby. 

Well, I'm not that large and not that athletic, so I can't play rugby, right?
Are you kidding me?  The shortest girl on the team is about five feet tall.  There are 15 positions that you can choose from, so your height and weight aren't restricted to a certain range.  The 7 backs are usually the smaller ones and the 8 forwards are usually the bigger girls (see next question).  You also don't have to be a SUPERSTAR athlete.  There is running, throwing, tackling, and catching involved, but we generally think that most people would be able to play the sport.  Even if you've never been on a sports team before, you should just give it a try.  We aren't going to hate you if you decide that rugby isn't for you! Who knows, you might get as addicted to rugby as we are.

So, what's the difference between forwards and backs?
Forwards are the big, manly ones.  The backs are the fast but wimpy ones.  Just kidding.  Forwards take part in the scrum and in the line outs.  They do a lot of plowing through other people when they get the ball.  They tend to be the taller, stronger, but slower people on the team.  However, they do just as much running as the backs.  On the other hand, the backs are the runners/sprinters.  They form a diagonal line, called a diag -- yes, we think of creative names. Since the ball can only be passed backwards in rugby, the ball is passed down the diag while the backs sprint down the field and try to make it into the try zone to score a try. Both groups have their merits.  Backs tend to be faster and better at catching; whereas forwards tend to be better at tackling, rucking, pushing, and being altogether strong and tough.  Don't be fooled though, some of the backs tackle so hard it makes your teeth rattle.  Both backs and forwards have to share the joys of running, tackling, and rucking. 

What are all these weird terms, like scrum and rucking?
Let's start with that strange word: scrum. Since "assault and battery" were taken, they decided to use the word scrum. It's the large conglomeration of the opposing 8 forwards that come together to push for possession of the ball. The props, hooker, flankers, locks, and eight man line up and bind in a special way to form the scrum.  As much as 1.5 tons of force can be generated by these 16 girls. In regards to rucking, a ruck forms over a tackled player.  The least number of girls involved is two, one girl from each opposing team. When a girl gets tackled, she must release the ball. Her teammate ideally steps over the ball (in order to make it easier for her scrum half to pick it up), comes into contact with a girl from the opposing team and pushes her back as hard as she can. For more info about rugby terms and about rugby in general, go check out the rugby primer. *note* We take no responsibility for any inappropriate language contained in this rookie primer.

Is it fun?
Do fat kids love cake?  It's as fun as ANYTHING!  It's more fun than eating chocolate and curly fries...or whatever you like eating. 

How much of a time commitment is it?
Not that much.  Since Grove Rugby isn't a varsity sport, we generally have practices 2-3 times a week and have a game or a tournament on Saturdays.  But, just because it isn't a HUGE time commitment doesn't mean we don't take it seriously.  Unless you have something important to do, we really want everyone to be at ALL practices and games. Besides, why wouldn't you want to see all of our beautiful faces and our beautiful bruises? Go to the contacts page to get in touch with us if you want to play!



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