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GCC Status Sheets

The Status Sheets are an unofficial representation of your graduation requirements. Please consult the appropriate Grove City College "Bulletin," your Advisor, or the Registrar's Office if you have further questions.

Year 2018-19

Year 2017-18

Year 2016-17

Year 2015-16

Year 2014-15

AP, CLEP, IB Guidelines

Minors, Dual & Second Degrees

AP Guidelines 2018-19

AP Guidelines 2017-18

AP Guidelines 2016-17

AP Guidelines 2015-16

AP Guidelines 2014-15

Minor Course Requirements 2018-19

Minor Course Requirements 2017-18

Minor Course Requirements 2016-17

Minor Course Requirements 2015-16

Minor Course Requirements 2014-15

CLEP Guidelines 2018-19

CLEP Guidelines 2017-18

CLEP Guidelines 2016-17

CLEP Guidelines 2015-16

CLEP Guidelines 2014-15

Dual Degree Program

Second Degree

List of Majors and Contacts
IB Guidelines 2018-19

IB Guidelines 2017-18

IB Guidelines 2016-17

IB Guidelines 2015-16

IB Guidelines 2014-15