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Position: Hooker


Major: Political Science

Birthday: Mar 25

Box Number: 1911

Email: mallickak1

Offices Held: President

Awards Held: The Lion Heart Award- roar

Nicknames: my name is not really conducive to nicknames, but whatever Iím over it

Other Activities: I pretty much just waste away until its time to study or eat, or go to practice and I write for the Collegian

5 Words that Best Describe You: I have been told that I am a poor self-evaluator, so I am skipping this question

Favorite Quote: life is short but it is wide, and this too shall pass

Most Often Seen: watching the O.C. with the best roommate ever, or pretending to study

If I had a million dollars, I would: I would like to say give it away, but there is a slim chance of that, I would keep like 15$ for rugby dues

One thing you would say to all of GCC:

Favorite rugby memory: As a young player I have few memories.  The one that stands out the most was my first real tackle.  It was Lyd, and probably only happened because she weighs like 80 lbs soaking wet

Favorite rugby injury: I have sustained no serious injuries to date. I did get a nasty hangnail, but that may not have been rugby related




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